Things I Really Like – Part Two

I thought I liked the recent Sherlock Holmes movie. Turns out I just liked Robert Downey Jr. like everyone else. The true Sherlock Holmes has appeared thanks to the BBC.

Starring the man with the most British name ever, Benedict Cumberbatch, this Sherlock is one great series. Each season is 3 90 minutes episodes, even the weakest is pretty great.

The first season is available on Netflix watch instantly. The second season just started showing in the US on PBS Masterpiece Mystery!


Things I Really Like – Part One

After the Avengers mega-weekend I’ve been reflecting on things that get a similar amount of emotional response from me. It’s a totally different type of excitement because I don’t remember the last thing that made me all out giddy like the Avengers.

Today I rewatched the pilot of Friday Night Lights, for a couple of reasons. I’ve shouted praises for this show before but I’ll do it again. How good is this show? The summer I crammed 2 or 3 seasons in a month I noticed people, acquaintances, strangers, etc, seemed to be responding to me more positively than usual. I’m not sure how I figured it out but I finally noticed that those hours and hours of Friday Night Lights had influenced the way I spoke. It changed my cadence a little. It let the southern accent I started repressing at the age of ten come out. And it made all the difference.

Coach Taylor and his wife are some of the best characters I’ve ever seen on TV. I think if anyone acted more like him people would respond to them better.

While looking for my reference pictures I found a fun Tumbler, Academic Coach Taylor. Check it out. Here’s a sample if are sure if it’s worth the click.

I can’t resist this one.


Avengers Assemble – Epilogue

Just to help out all of those people out there wondering what was up with that spaceman grinning at the camera in the mid-credits seen, I’ve drawn a clearer picture and linked to a few Wikipedia articles that might help.

This is Thanos, the Mad Titan. In short he’s an immensely powerful cosmic threat that worships death.

Thanos Wiki

Infinity Gauntlet


Avengers Assembled

I’m literally exhausted from the excitement of the Avengers movie. To many awesome things to pick out. Here’s a quick sketch of the Hulk, who kind of steals the show.

Hand’s down the best comic book movie ever with the last half hour being maybe the best thing ever put on film.

And they put Thanos in the movie. I didn’t think this movie would ever happen, but I knew that would ever happen.


Avengers Assemble – Day Nine

I didn’t want to be accused of any sort of sexism so I needed to include the only female Avenger in the movie, Black Widow. But because I didn’t want to be accused of sexism I was afraid to draw Black Widow. She a superspy dressed in a skin tight black outfit that is frequently unzipped a generous amount. To keep things PG I’ve drawn my school appropriate representation of my favorite part of Iron Man 2.

Tomorrow’s the big day. I’m so excited. “girly squeal”

Avengers Assemble – Day Eight

I believe I’m on record as saying I didn’t think an Avengers movie would ever happen. Trying to get ahead of the curve I now started to not believe in Avengers 2. There’s no way they can afford to keep all these actors coming back. Luckily the folks at Marvel Comics for saw this problem decades ago and gave the world some replacement Avengers.

Chris Helmsworth is a great Thor, but he’ll want to be something else someday. Who can replace the god of thunder? How about the prince of power, Hercules. Yep, in the years that Thor was absent from the Avengers the mythological Hercules has filled the void. Sure he can’t fly or control weather but he’s strong and nigh immortal. It could be fun. Herc lives life large. He enjoys a good fight, a good drink, and a good woman.

And did I mention he wears a skirt?

Avengers Assemble – Day Seven

I’m trying not find out too much about the Avengers movie ahead of time. I’m already far to excited about it as is. One thing that I have gathered is that Hawkeye, while in the movie doesn’t get a lot of attention. “Who is Hawkeye”, you ask? Remember in the Thor movie when that guy with a bow ran in the ran and did absolutely nothing? Yeah, that was Hawkeye.

Comics history here, mostly from our good friends at Wikipedia. Hawkeye, like many other superheroes, is an orphan. He ran away to join the circus where he learned to be a master marksman and archer from a guy named Swordsman. No, it doesn’t make sense. After a short stint as a criminal, Hawkeye fought Iron Man and gave up a life of crime. He’s been a mainstay of the Avengers since 1965.

It takes a brave man to hang out with gods and super soldiers with only a bow and arrow and a purple outfit to keep you alive. By the way, that Wolverine mask that Hawkeye is wearing (that won’t be in the movie) predates Wolverine by 9 years.